Stone Therapy Massage

STONE THERAPY MASSAGE : This nurturing healing technique combines therapeutic massage with smooth heated basalt stones & warm oils to help : Increase circulation Improve energy flow Detoxify & rebalance If your clients love the heat then Hot Stone Massage can achieve a deep state of relaxation & well-being.  The Stones are very grounding and a wonderful tool to have in your practice. Tired, sore & aching muscles are relaxed & tensions held at the deepest level are released. During the course we will cover :

  • Origins of Stone Massage and a view of the use of stones through the ages .
  • Management of the Stones – Hot and Cold.
  • Caring for the energy of the stones
  • Managing the therapists energy and grounding techniques
  • Equipment and Temperature Safe Practice
  • Full Body Massage Routine using specific stone massage movements.
  • Chakra balancing with crystals
  • Supporting the Client
  • Integrating Stone therapy into your practice & Marketing

Pre-requisites : This course is suitable for qualified massage therapists, beauty therapists and Aromatherapists who wish to enhance their current treatments. A Massage Qualification is essential.

What do I need to bring :  1 Single Flat sheet, 2 Bath Towels, 1 Hand Towel.  Everything else will be provided for you. There will be an option to purchase your Stone Kit at the end of the course, however we like you to work with the kits beforehand.





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