Create your own Aromatherapy products

iStock_000018620987MediumCreate your own Aromatherapy Products :

This workshop is designed for those who have already completed the Aromatherapy for Home Use workshop and would like to further expand their blending skills and create some products for skin care, body care and specific skin conditions.

Come along and enjoy a few hours exploring even more wonderful qualities of essential oils and other mediums like Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Carrier Oils.

These wonderful natural oils are much more than just a nice aroma. Their unique nature give them the ability to sedate or uplift the body’s systems, making them a great tool in reducing the stress response in the body’s nervous system as well as have specific sedative and anti-inflammatory actions on the skin.

During this workshop, we will focus on the Season of Spring/Summer and you will :

  • Learn about therapeutic qualities of another ten essential oils
  • Add to your knowledge of the ‘art’ of blending
  • Create two skin care items items – a Cream and a Balm or Salve
  • Discuss the use of essential oils for specific skin conditions

Course Dates – coming soon !

To book your place, simply fill in the booking form below and I will contact you very soon 🙂

Many thanks





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