Beauty Sleep Evening Ritual

Portrait of 20-25 years old beautiful woman on white bedIf good quality sleep is an issue for you, then you’ll love this new evening treatment.  I have combined my therapies to bring you a good hour of Pure Relaxation, the Ultimate Down time.

A Massage of the Back Neck and Shoulders, using the wisdom of Aromatherapy will trigger the relaxation response as well as reduce any muscular aches and pains. The Beautiful NYR Organic Beauty Sleep Body Butter will then be applied to the full body to prepare the skin for a great nights sleep and aromatically calm the mind and prepare you for dreamland. A mini facial (with exfoliation and Beauty Sleep concentrate serum) will aid the skins nighttime renewal and rejuvenation.  The treatment will finish with a chakra balance through Reflexology on the feet, leaving you feeling pampered from Head to Toe.

My 8pm time slot is reserved for this treatment so you can float home and greet the sand man with silky smooth skin and a calm and nurtured mind….. then ….

Wake Up Feeling Fabulous !!!

Cost: (A Good Hour) €50

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