Exploring C02 Extracts

IMG_1022CO2 extracts have become increasingly popular during the last few years in the Aromatherapy world. The method of extraction for these oils, use high pressure carbon dioxide, which can be tuned to obtain specific molecules from the plant. CO2 will evaporate off and the result is a product that contains no  solvent and may contain heavier molecules (diterpenes) which are not usually present in steam distilled or expressed oils.  By comparing your CO2 extract and Essential Oils you can identify the difference in the chemical make-up and choose which is more beneficial for their therapeutic actions.

We will learn about the 2 types of Extract ; Select CO2  and Total CO2  and the safety guidelines for both.

  • CO2 Extraction process
  • CO2 Extracts – Base Oils
  • CO2Extracts – Essential Oils
  • Explore 11 Oil Profiles and their Therapeutic applications
  • Shelf Life, Storage & Safety
  • Workshop some oil blends for common ailments

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Attend both Hydrosols & C02 Extracts Workshop at a Discounted price of €100(Simply book and pay for one €65, indicate by email that you are attending both and pay the balance of €35 on the day)