2018 / 2019 Course Schedule

Hi Guys,

I’m super excited to bring my workshops to Dorothy Kelly Academy of Reflexology Level 5 Belfast and Zen Yoga & Holistic Therapies, Fivemiletown, Fermanagh over the next few months. Thanks to my lovely hosts, Dorothy Kelly and Michelle Brady, Stone Reflexology and Stone Facial will be bringing heat, comfort and healing to some fab Therapists in 2019.

Courses will also continue at the Keadeen Hotel in Kildare and I’m looking forward to seeing out the year there with my last INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE class of 2018 on 1/2 December. We still have 1 or 2 spaces if you feel like joining us. Booking and Details at

ūüĎ£ STONE REFLEXOLOGY details & Booking at

ūü¶č STONE FACIAL details & Booking at

ūüíÜ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ HOLISTIC FACIAL details & Booking at

Any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Workshops 2019

Dublin – City Centre Courses

dhc_large_13Next Month, on May 26th, I will be facilitating my Ear Candling Course at the beautiful
Dublin Holistic Centre in South William Street.

If you are looking for a therapy that is focused on the area of the Ear Nose and Throat, this workshop will give you the opportunity to add this gentle therapy to your existing range of treatments. The course includes the ear candling treatment as well as a lymphatic drainage massage routine for the face & scalp.

Ear Candles create a revitalizing heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes, treating a range of conditions from sinus problems, tinnitus, blocked ears or hearing problems.

Topics covered on the day will include:

  • Anatomy of the Ear
  • History of Ear Candling
  • How the Ear candles work and a dismantling of misinformation about this treatment
  • Safe and Practical Application of the Ear Candling treatment
  • Face Massage to include Pressure points and Lymphatic drainage techniques
  • Discussion on the pathologies of the ears and how treatment can be tailored to suit each individual client
  • Naturopathic approach to imbalances in the Ear Nose and Throat (Natural Remedies)

We use a lovely Brand of homemade Ear Candles. Safety is super important so good quality tools are essential. I also offer post workshop support in the form of Video and Online support.

My workshops are a great way to learn something new and meet other like minded therapists.¬†If you feel guided to join me on May 26th, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.






Social Media Detox

Hi Guys ‚Äď Happy New Year. Happy January. I bet this is not the first post you have read this week with the word Detox in it and I‚Äôm guessing it wont be the last.

I’m very much looking forward to getting into a routine again after the Christmas holidays. I loved not knowing what day was what and having nowhere urgent to be and nothing super important to do. But now I’ve had enough drifting through hours and I’m ready to put some structure to my days.

Today was my first day back in the office. Task 1 ‚Äď prioritise and answer emails. Sounds easy doesn‚Äôt it. You would think. I started off great but as the morning went on, I found myself being constantly distracted by the usual social media notifications. Maybe I‚Äôve not being paying attention or maybe its something special about this week but my newsfeed activity has gone wild. I really can‚Äôt remember it being this busy. Has the world taken to Facebook today to set their goals for the year and give their top tips for having a great 2016? And when did answering emails become so difficult. Turn off phone, do not disturb, Close all apps, Focus, Focus, Focus, Dammit today this was hard..

By noon I was weighing up the option of possibly giving up Facebook, as it seems to be my busiest of media‚Äôs. The thought grabbed me and would not let go until I gave in and started to contemplate what life might be like without social media. It might be ok I think. Until I am important enough to have a Personal Assistant (you can always dream), I will need to hop on and post some updates to the Soul Balance Page¬†but personally, I think I will do an Ed Sheeran and take a little break and cut back on seeing the world through the screen. Ok so I know me and Ed have ‚Äėslightly‚Äôdifferent life paths¬†but same principal right?

Now that I‚Äôve decided that Me and Social Media are officially ‘on a break’, I‚Äôve started to worry what I’ll be missing out on.¬†¬†I think I will miss being inspired by those¬†adorable kids that come out with fantastic wisdom. And … I’m starting to worry that I won’t be¬†affected by the random acts of kindness performed by kindhearted souls and then posted online in an attempt to encourage me to do the same? What about my community of friends? Will I miss their updates and invitations to events? I‚Äôm sure if it’s important, they can text me right? Sure!! Don’t get me started on the daily cute animal antics, which make me giggle. I may even miss updates from health sites with wonderful concoctions to relive a headache in 3.4 seconds or melt fat from my waistline while I paint my toes. Can you imagine if I miss the magic solution nasal spray that gives body and shine to my hair¬†or the super food that can now cure January blues and facebookitis? I might miss a lot of things and to be honest, I might not survive cold turkey. This detox could be really risky.

But I‚Äôm gonna do it anyway because ‚Ķ. Well because, I need the time to focus on other stuff ‚Äď like emails and life and stuff. So, in a bid to make the most of my daylight hours, I‚Äôll be offline for at least the next two months. For those of you who connect with me personally through Facebook, Twitter and the likes, I wish you all a great January and February. For those who connect with me for Therapy/Course related matters, my January E-News is on the way to your inbox.

I look forward to lots more talking conversations, physical meet ups and good old fashioned phone calls in the coming weeks.

Whatever ya’ll decide to do with your time, make sure you In‚ÄôJoy In‚ÄôJoy In‚Äôjoy ‚Ķ



“Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing,¬†
those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.”


Summer Holiday Closure

It’s that time of year again – time to announce the¬†yearly¬†Summer Closure News.
Soul Balance Holistic will be closed from Thursday 30th July to Monday 31st August (incl).  Oh the joys of being a self employed Holistic Therapist.colorful andirondack chairs for a family vacation at a beach in the Caribbean
It has been a wonderfully busy year of clients, teaching, students, exams and my own studies in Herbal Medicine. ¬†I am looking forward to a month off to completely switch off, balance, rejuvenate and reboot for September. ¬†My aim this year is to unplug from technology as much as I can – should be interesting ūüôā
If you need any information on any of the ITEC Practitioner Courses starting at
Golden Egg Holistic this Autumn, visit the website HERE or email Catriona Plunkett at
If you are interested in any of the Post Graduate courses  for Therapists or if you would like to enquire about any of the treatments available at Soul Balance Holistic Therapies, drop me an email and I will get back to you when I return to work on Tuesday 01st September.
I am stocking up on some Spiritual, Positive vibes this Summer in the form of podcasts and Audiobooks. If fancy joining me, tune into my fave Teacher on the subject, Dr. Wayne Dyer Check out his Featured Posts, Video Gallery and his FREE podcasts are amazing.
Have an Awe-some August Everyone.
Look forward to connecting again soon.

What’s your Dosha ?

In advance of my INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Course running next weekend ¬†I thought this might be of interest. ** Few Places remaining ** If you would like to attend this course and add a new therapy to your Treatment Menu, contact me today. or CLICK HERE for more info and¬†to book online. Mi ūüôā


So do you know what’s your Dosha ?VPK_2013_Icons-2

What‚Äôs my what? I hear you say ‚Ķ. ūüôā

Doshas are the energies that govern not only our bodies but our thoughts and emotions too.  According to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, when we become aware of our dominant doshas, we can use this knowledge to get ourselves back into balance.

As a Massage therapist and Reflexologist, I find this type of Constitutional Analysis very interesting during my consultation with clients. It really helps to gain a deeper understanding of what may be currently out of balance.

During an Indian Head Massage Session, I will¬†use specific oils and aftercare to treat the ‚Äėout of balance Dosha‚Äô. As with all complementary therapies, this really adds to the holistic approach and individual tailoring of the treatment.

When Teaching my Post Grad Indian Head Massage Course to Therapists, I pay attention to Dosha analysis and also…

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Aromatherapy Remedies

Sunshine Infusions :)

I am delighted to be teaching the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy at Golden Egg Holistic this October. This course runs until June 2016 and during the year we will be learning about the therapeutic effects of essential oils, carrier oils, aromatic waters and herbal infusions. I have been teaching Aromatherapy for many years but having now completed my studies in Herbal Medicine, I feel excited to offer more rounded classes on how we can use the wisdom of plants, herbs and oils to really care for our Clients.

Our studies will involve many aspects. We learn a full body aromatherapy massage with additional focus on  lymphatic drainage and acupressure points and we look at the extraction and unique chemistry of each oil, the effect they have on the body and emotions, how to conduct and evaluate research, identifying plants and getting to know plant families, sourcing good quality oils for professional use and blending for a wide range of conditions.  Our approach is very hands on, growing herbs throughout the year, living and working with each individual oil, and making balms, blends, creams, sprays and various skin care preparations to support our clients post treatment.

Family Pets may like to help out too ¬†ūüôā

In anticipation of our upcoming Alchemy, I have decided to prepare some nice infused oils, which will be an essential component in our healing balms later in the year. Below is the process for making a lovely Infused Calendula Oil. I love this flower. It reminds me of Sunshine. With its wonderful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities, it makes a great skin healing oil, for cuts, abrasions and stubborn wounds, dry cracked skin and chapped lips. 

STEP 1: Place some dried calendula flowers into a glass jar. Infusions can be made with fresh flowers also, however I prefer the dried variety as all of the moisture has been removed and the risk of the oil going off is reduced. To air dry your plant material, place it on a sheet of news paper FullSizeRender-3and leave in a dry space for a few weeks. ¬†I use the top shelf on my bookcase where it won’t be disturbed.

STEP 2: Cover the Dried plant material with a good vegetable oil.  I have chosen a lovely organic sunflower oil.  Similar to Calendula, Sunflowers turn their heads to the sky and bring visions of warm sunshine. Olive Oil is another good choice for herbal infusions.

STEP 3: Place the airtight lid on and leave in a sunny window for 6-8 weeks. Shake the jar occasionally. The heat from the sun will gradually breakdown the therapeutic phytochemicals in the plant material and release them into the oil.

FullSizeRender-4In a few weeks, I will be filtering out all of the plant material and bottling this Skin Healing Oil for students to incorporate into their formulations. Watch this space to see how it all turns out.

If you feel guided to learn more and would like more information on the Diploma in Aromatherapy beginning this October please visit Golden Egg Holistic or email Catriona Plunkett at for timetable and booking form.

If you have any general Aromatherapy queries, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email HERE.


Ralph Waldo Emerson



Queen Rose

February is the month of love and the most popular flower, the Queen herself, has inspired my special offer this month. The Rose provides such stunning beauty and fragrance which is so delicate and yet so powerful. Using a range of natural, organic products, I will be offering a beautiful 1 hour Rose Facial for ‚ā¨30 all month long, which will not only rehydrate and balance the skin but will treat the senses, the mind and the soul.

In Aromatherapy, we use Rose oil for dry/sensitive skin types and also to reduce inflammatory skin conditions. It has a lovely affinity with the heart, both physically (aiding palpitations and helping to calm the heart energy) and emotionally (supporting our self esteem and self acceptance). I love the feminine connection with Rose oil and I find when there is a need to re-establish the feminine aspects within, Rose is my perfect partner.

If you are feeling a little off balance this month, maybe she is the perfect friend for you also.

Call me on 086 8185609 or email today to book your appointment



Hello 2015 :)

happy-new-year-quotes-2015-abt-new-beginning-in-lifeHi Everyone and Welcome 2015.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I have been trying not to make too many resolutions this year, or at least make realistic ones but its hard isn’t it ? ¬†Everyone is planning and setting goals and talking about the year ahead and it’s contagious. The New Year brings that new energy that sweeps everyone along into a clear out or detox or new to-do list. Its a time when we can leave some of our old baggage behind and move forward with new thoughts and new ideas of what we would like our life to be like.

What I want to bring to the new year is that awareness that we can make these new starts at any stage during the year, during the month, during the week or during the day. I want to get really good at Letting Go this year and know that I can release the old and make a new start whenever I choose during 2015. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to start again.

Wishing you all the happiest of moments in the days, weeks and months ahead and I hope that whatever you wish for this year, comes to you bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Feel Good, Laugh often, Live now,



PS. Hope you enjoy my warm and cozy January Special Offer @ Soul Balance, Clonee. My TRAINING Page  is also fully updated with upcoming Diploma and Post Graduate Courses for 2015.  Enjoy !

Jan Offer FB Header


Hello November :)

Hello November, Dang you came around quickly this year ūüôā

After the dark and ghoul of Halloween, I always feel a light-ness on¬†November 1st. We have well and truly celebrated the end of summer (Samhain) and now it’s time to settle in for the colder months. An acceptance has started to wash over me and I am ready for the next period. ¬†Plus I love this date 1/11 (anybody who knows me, knows I love my 11’s) One’s in general represent new beginnings so what a great day to start afresh with something, maybe a new way of thinking, a new healthy eating regime, a project that has been circulating your¬†mind gathering ideas and looking for attention? ¬†Why not start ‘something’ today and see where it brings you in November?

At Soul Balance Therapies this month, I am running a Buy One, Get One Half Price on all treatments. So if your ‘something new’ involves looking after your Body Mind and Soul, this is a great way to book in your Therapy Time between now and Christmas. Or as a Christmas Gift¬†idea, you could indulge in¬†One¬†treatment and treat someone you love to the other in a Gift Voucher.

Whatever you decide to do this month,

Have lots of fun and In’joy



November Special Offer






Changing with the seasons …

Hope you are all well and happy.  I have to say I love this season of colour and warmth and change. This year we have the added bonus of some lovely mild weather. The Sunflowers in my garden are reminding me that the Sun is doing his best to hang around for a little while longer and even though the rain has started to dominate our mornings, the sun still manages to heat us up in the afternoons.
I am settling into the Academic year with some fab new Students, or should I say Therapists-2B. Semester 1 for ITEC Diploma courses in Portlaoise and Dublin are well underway and we are all enjoying the newness of learning and the promise of new experiences in the months ahead.
I have some One Day, Morning and Evening WORKSHOPS for Therapists planned for the coming months.  These will be held at the New Nautilus Beauty & Holistic Centre in Fairview, Dublin 3. As usual if you feel guided to attend or if you know anybody who may be interested, please check out my listing below.
All of my¬†TREATMENTS¬†are now being conducted at my¬†Therapy Room in Clonee¬†and I’m delighted to offer you a very¬†Organic Special Offer for October.¬†¬†See details below.
Have a great October everyone,
I’ll be back in touch soon.
In the meantime, remember take time to go within and Rest as we move through the darkening season.
Oct Special Offer
Indian Head Massage
Wednesday Morning Course –¬†starts 5th Nov 2014
(Durations : 4 Weeks)

Learn the Ayurvedic¬†approach to Consultation – Constitutional Analysis :- a completely new and holistic way of working with your clients. Indian Head Massage is the ancient Ayurvedic form of head, neck and shoulders massage which has a profound affect on the whole body. It is also used to stimulate or sedate the nervous system and is excellent for treating migraines. ¬†If your clients tend to carry their¬†tension in the upper back, neck and head, then this treatment will really help to free that tension, clear the head, focus the mind and allow the body to come back into a lovely state of homeostasis …¬†more¬†

Holistic Facial Workshop
Saturday 29th November 2014
The perfect add on created especially for Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists or Reflexologists. Enhance your treatment menu by adding this wonderfully relaxing facial treat. Use a combination of massage techniques and natural organic products to cleanse, tone, exfoliate the skin, enhance the circulation through massage and hydrate and nourish the skin with..more
Stone Therapy Massage 
Wednesday Evening Course –¬†starts 12th November (Duration – 4 weeks)This nurturing healing technique combines therapeutic massage with smooth heated basalt stones & warm oils to help :¬†Increase circulation,¬†Improve energy flow,¬†Detoxify & rebalanceIf your clients love the heat then Hot Stone Massage can¬†achieve a deep¬†state of relaxation & well-being. The Stones are very grounding and a wonderful tool to have in your practice to aid in your other treatments as well. Tired, sore & aching muscles are relaxed & tensions held at the deepest level are released …¬†more



All Courses will be held at : 

Nautilus Beauty & Holistic Therapies Centre, 11 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin.

All are approved by ARCHTI ( & qualify for CPD Points. Contact me today to book your place.