Social Media Detox

Hi Guys – Happy New Year. Happy January. I bet this is not the first post you have read this week with the word Detox in it and I’m guessing it wont be the last.

I’m very much looking forward to getting into a routine again after the Christmas holidays. I loved not knowing what day was what and having nowhere urgent to be and nothing super important to do. But now I’ve had enough drifting through hours and I’m ready to put some structure to my days.

Today was my first day back in the office. Task 1 – prioritise and answer emails. Sounds easy doesn’t it. You would think. I started off great but as the morning went on, I found myself being constantly distracted by the usual social media notifications. Maybe I’ve not being paying attention or maybe its something special about this week but my newsfeed activity has gone wild. I really can’t remember it being this busy. Has the world taken to Facebook today to set their goals for the year and give their top tips for having a great 2016? And when did answering emails become so difficult. Turn off phone, do not disturb, Close all apps, Focus, Focus, Focus, Dammit today this was hard..

By noon I was weighing up the option of possibly giving up Facebook, as it seems to be my busiest of media’s. The thought grabbed me and would not let go until I gave in and started to contemplate what life might be like without social media. It might be ok I think. Until I am important enough to have a Personal Assistant (you can always dream), I will need to hop on and post some updates to the Soul Balance Page but personally, I think I will do an Ed Sheeran and take a little break and cut back on seeing the world through the screen. Ok so I know me and Ed have ‘slightly’different life paths but same principal right?

Now that I’ve decided that Me and Social Media are officially ‘on a break’, I’ve started to worry what I’ll be missing out on.  I think I will miss being inspired by those adorable kids that come out with fantastic wisdom. And … I’m starting to worry that I won’t be affected by the random acts of kindness performed by kindhearted souls and then posted online in an attempt to encourage me to do the same? What about my community of friends? Will I miss their updates and invitations to events? I’m sure if it’s important, they can text me right? Sure!! Don’t get me started on the daily cute animal antics, which make me giggle. I may even miss updates from health sites with wonderful concoctions to relive a headache in 3.4 seconds or melt fat from my waistline while I paint my toes. Can you imagine if I miss the magic solution nasal spray that gives body and shine to my hair or the super food that can now cure January blues and facebookitis? I might miss a lot of things and to be honest, I might not survive cold turkey. This detox could be really risky.

But I’m gonna do it anyway because …. Well because, I need the time to focus on other stuff – like emails and life and stuff. So, in a bid to make the most of my daylight hours, I’ll be offline for at least the next two months. For those of you who connect with me personally through Facebook, Twitter and the likes, I wish you all a great January and February. For those who connect with me for Therapy/Course related matters, my January E-News is on the way to your inbox.

I look forward to lots more talking conversations, physical meet ups and good old fashioned phone calls in the coming weeks.

Whatever ya’ll decide to do with your time, make sure you In’Joy In’Joy In’joy …



“Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, 
those which average eyes would see as fixed and still.”
– Rumi 

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