What’s your Dosha ?

So do you know what’s your Dosha ?VPK_2013_Icons-2

What’s my what? I hear you say …. 🙂

Doshas are the energies that govern not only our bodies but our thoughts and emotions too.  According to the ancient Ayurvedic tradition, when we become aware of our dominant doshas, we can use this knowledge to get ourselves back into balance.

As a Massage therapist and Reflexologist, I find this type of Constitutional Analysis very interesting during my consultation with clients. It really helps to gain a deeper understanding of what may be currently out of balance.

During an Indian Head Massage Session, I will use specific oils and aftercare to treat the ‘out of balance Dosha’. As with all complementary therapies, this really adds to the holistic approach and individual tailoring of the treatment.

When Teaching my Post Grad Indian Head Massage Course to Therapists, I pay attention to Dosha analysis and also Chakra awareness as a means to another dimension of the consultation process. We all need a few tools in our Therapy ToolBox to draw on when needed as well as keep our treatments fresh and current.

I’m delighted to be offering a weekend course at Golden Egg Holistic next weekend 25th and 26th July.  This course is for therapists who would like to offer their clients a new treatment.  Full details can be found here 

In the meantime, here’s a fun Dosha Quiz from the Chopra Centre. http://doshaquiz.chopra.com

Are you a Vata/Pitta, Pitta/Kapha or some other combination ? You’re wondering now aren’t you. Try it out!  Very interesting and let me know how you get on … 🙂






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    In advance of my INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Course running next weekend in Portlaoise, I thought this might be of interest. ** Few Places remaining ** If you would like to attend this course and add a new therapy to your Treatment Menu, contact me today. michelle@soulbalance.com or follow the link in this post to book online. Mi 🙂

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