Embracing Change

So my hubby (The Sculptor) has completed his latest piece ‘Butterflies’ and before they flutter off off to their new owner this week, they are taking refuge and rest in my Therapy Room.  Even bronze sculptures need Balance ….


Ray Delaney.  ‘Butterflies’  

I absolutely love the energy of butterflies.  They remind me that ‘change’ and even ‘complete transformation’ is ok. It’s more than OK, it’s the absolute way of living.  The journey of these beauties from beginning to end is a process with many phases but the result is a total transition from caterpillar to butterfly.

Often when we get to these ‘changing’ points in our lives, we can experience some resistance.  Sometimes it’s fear of the unknown and sometimes it’s the result of being caught in an old way of thinking.  I’ve had many conversations in the last week with people who are finding it hard to deal with their current changes and upheaval. If nature can allow this to take place so effortlessly, then why can we ?

Nothing in this life stays the same for very long.  Yes there will be change. Yes it may be challenging. Yes it may defy our best laid plans.  Yes it may take longer than we like or happen so fast, it leaves us in a spin.  (Can you sense a ‘but’ coming on … )

BUT … if we keep our awareness on what works and trust in the nature of Life itself, then YES we will eventually break out, spread our wings and just like my beautiful visitors, flutter off to our next adventure without a backward glance.

Embracing my changes this week 🙂



And what’s a butterfly? At best,
He’s but a caterpillar, at rest.
~John Grey

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