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Sinusitis (Ouch) – I’ll get by with a little help from my friends …

littlemagicboxWell it’s that time of year again – Dampness is setting in and so is all of those damp illnesses.  I have picked up a dose of Sinusitis and much to my dislike, I have been prescribed a course of antibiotics, decongestants and pain killers. I would much rather opt for a natural course of treatment but I am wise enough to know when it gets this bad, I need the antibiotic.  That doesn’t mean that I cant help the whole process along with a little help from my friends – my Essential Oils (from my little magic box) … and some other natural remedies.  

So here’s my plan : 

  • I’m doing steam inhalations three times a day to help with decongesting and also with pain.  I’m choosing from
  1. Eucalyptus 
  2. Ravensara (for decongesting),
  3. Tea Tree (highly antimicrobial),
  4. Spike Lavender (decongesting and pain relieving),
  5. Lavender (sedative and pain relieving -perfect for night time),
  6. Peppermint (pain relieving, decongesting and cooling – perfect for day time steaming).  

Place max 2-3 drops into a bowl of steaming water, shield the eyes and inhale for a few minutes.  Some people like to place a towel over the head to capture the steam. Make sure to keep your eyes closed or place a sleep mask over them to keep them protected.  Using more than 2-3 drops can have adverse effects.  Steaming is not a good idea for asthmatics. 

  • I’m diffusing sedative oils in the bedroom before slumber time to help with a good nights sleep.  My personal favourites are Lavender, Orange or Sandalwood. 
  • I’m diffusing antiseptic oils throughout the day at home to protect my family members and kill any airborne viruses. The high citral content in May Chang and Lemongrass oil is perfect for this.  Only a small amount is required and the lemon aroma will leave the air smelling beautiful.  
  • Essential oils should never be ingested.  This is where Herbs and supplements come into play in supporting my recovery.  As a Herbal Medicine Student, I am learning about how these gifts from nature can really support all of our bodies systems.   I am therefore, supporting my immune system with Echinacea, Elderflower and Vit C and also supporting hard my working liver cells with some Milk Thistle and Dandelion root.
  • I’m even giving up my beloved cheese and opting for a dairy free and low salt diet for the next few weeks.  Dairy products produce mucous in the body and Salt holds on to fluids so eliminating these will help keep the sinus cavities free. 
  • Facial Massage is already helping with drainage and swelling in the Sinus/Cheek area and of course I am working the reflex points on my hands and feet for Sinus / Lymphatics / Adrenals (pain) and Organs of elimination. 

This is just my twopence worth.  There are lot more remedies out there from Netipots to Onion & Garlic Soup.  My advice is go with what works for you. Sometimes being sick is the biggest pain in the butt but sometimes its just what we need to help our bodies get back into balance. Listen to that inner voice and if you need rest, REST !!!

For me – this evening, it’s feet up, oils out and Zzzzzzzz !!! 

If you are currently pregnant, breast feeding, seeing a GP, on medication or any homeopathic treatment, talk to a qualified Aromatherapist before using Essential Oils.  Otherwise always stay within the recommended dose. Never Ingest Essential Oils. If you are considering Herbs or Supplements, attend a Qualified Herbalist or visit your local Health Store for advice. 

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